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International Business Coaching Institute (IBCI) - A Focus on Business and Executive Coaching - Coaching as an Evolving and Accepted Methodology

Coaching beyond sports, has evolved dramatically since the early 1990's and continues to evolve as greater numbers of people experience the positive results of a "one to one trusted relationship" Today there are thousands of coaches worldwide.  Coaching has segmented into subsets based on client differentiated needs  —life coaching, career coaching, sales coaching, wellness coaching, cross-cultural coaching; the list continues to grow.

IBCI's Focus

The IBCI focus is on Business and Executive Coaching. Coaching as a methodology and process for creating planned and purposeful change is rapidly becoming imbedded in the corporate environment  as a positive and powerful strategy for strengthening executive, managerial and business performance and productivity.

There is a growing need qualifed Business and Executive Coaches to support corporate strategy

There is significant opportunity and benefit for experienced and skilled coaches to create profitable  businesses through Business and Executive Coaching services and support. 

Vision: To be a world-wide resource for developing, accrediting and certifying Business and Executive Coaches

Core Values

 Trust, Integrity, Competence, Confidence, Capacity, Knowledge


 IBCI certifies coaches in developing and building a professional discipline and practice of Business and Executive Coaching by providing training, resources and accreditation to enhance and develop professional skills, practice methodology, behaviors, ethics and values, and  to support coaches in developing a successful  and profitable coaching business. 

Business Coaching is a solution-focused, result-oriented and systematic process where the coach acting as  a "trusted advisor partners and collaborates with selected members/employees in the organization" to provide tools, processes, operational and planning methodologies and "third party" insight to enhance overall performance, productivity and profitability at a corporate level.

IBCI Business Coaching  Frameworks

  • Marketing
  • Financial management.
  • Productivity benchmarks
  • Performance management
  • Competitive and strategic insights
  • Legal issues
  • Business planning and processes
  • Productivity improvement
  • Innovation
  • Technology strategies
  • Talent Management systems
  • Customer Attraction
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resources 
  • Surveys, Diagnostics
  • Merger, Acquisition
  • Stages of Growth Analysis

Executive Coaching is a company/business contracted and supported development strategy for individual managers and executives based on a collaborative, facilitative one-to-one, mutually designed relationship between the manager/executive and professionally certified Executive coach. The focus of the coaching is individual skill building, critical thinking and behavioral  and emotionally intelligent change to contribute to company/business performance, strategy and critical issues.

IBCI Executive Coaching Frameworks

  • Launching a new initiative, program, plan
  • Communication and presentation
  • The "Voice" of Leadership
  • Achieving commitment and greater alignment among the executive team.
  • Improving business relationships
  • Implementing change
  • Developing greater influence in the organization.
  • Managing conflict
  • Organization growth and sucession
  • Improving sales performance
  • Improving leadership skills in the role or a new role
  • Learning about new functions (e.g., marketing, HR, finance) where they there is little experience.
  • Making a transition to a new role or organization.
  • Work-Life integration- stressors,health, family and wealth
  • Making better, more effective decisions
  • Acheiving clarity on organizational strategy and direction.
  • Making improvements in response to assessment and feedback



Dr. Shayne Tracy CMC OCC
IBCI President

Shayne has over 25 years of experience in the talent management field as a trainer, writer, manager, business founder, builder and business coach and consultant. He coaches and consults worldwide to mid-sized businesses on reorganization, restructuring, executive assessment and strategic planning.  Shayne is former CEO/founder of Human Resources Technologies where he pioneered the development of PC-based human resources information and training management systems.

Dr. Tracy is a trusted business advisor and coach to high tech, biotech, manufacturing, retail and services sectors worldwide.

Dr Tracy, certifies Executive coaches worldwide through the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI), Director and Facilitator for the Odyssey Consulting Institute, Principal, The Talent Management Institute and founder and President of the International Business Coaching Institute (IBCI).

Shayne holds and M.Ed. in Adult Learning and Program Design and a PhD. in Performance Evaluation

Shayne is a Professional Certified Star4 Assessment Analyst, Certified Master Coach, Certified Odyssey Consultant and co-author of Odyssey: The Business of Consulting


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