IBCI Signature Certificate Programs- Sao Paulo Brazil 2019

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Dr. Shayne Tracy CMC OCC

Shayne has over 25 years of experience in the strategic talent management field as a trainer, writer, manager, business founder, builder and business coach and consultant. He coaches and consults worldwide to mid-sized businesses on reorganization, restructuring, executive assessment and strategic planning. 

Shayne is former CEO/founder of Human Resources Technologies where he pioneered the development of PC-based human resources information and training management systems.

Dr. Tracy is a trusted strategic business advisor and coach to high tech, biotech, manufacturing, retail and services sectors worldwide.

Dr Tracy, certifies Executive coaches worldwide through the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI), is a Director and Facilitator for the Odyssey Consulting Institute, Principal, The Talent Management Institute and founder and President of the International Business Coaching Institute (IBCI).

Shayne holds a B.A., M.Ed. in Adult Learning and Program Design and a PhD. in Performance Evaluation

Shayne is a Professional Assessment Analyst Star4, Certified Master Coach, Certified Odyssey Consultant and co-author of Odyssey: The Business of Consulting


May 25-26 2019

Master Business Coach - MEC

  • A History of Business Coaching
  • The Key yyElements of Business Coaching
  • How Business Coaching Differs from Other Forms of Coaching
  • Coaching and Organization Development
  • The Coaching-Consulting Interface
  • The Language of Business Coaching
  • Business Models
  • Business Plans

Business Coaching and Strategic Advisory Skills

  • Questioning, Active Listening, Conflict resolution, Mediation
  • Dialogue, Presentation, Difficult Conversations, Consultative skills

Using Operational Models in Business Coaching

 Planning and Diagnostic Methods

  • Strategic Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Balanced Score Card
  • Project Management
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Fishbone Analysis
  • Process Mapping
  • Surveys
  • Stages of Growth Analysis

Participants will work with case studies to practice business coaching and strategic advisory skills


May 27-28 2019 

Master Executive Coach - MEC

 This part of the program will provide you with the knowledge and ability to begin or enhance your Executive Coaching practice

Become a talented Executive Coach/leader and develop the ability to create your own coaching framework and methods to meet the needs of your ideal clients.

  • What is Executive Coaching
  • Why Executives Hire Executive Coaches
  • 10 Opportunities for Executive Coaching
  • The 3 Dimensions of Executive Coaching
  • The Executive Coaching Process
  • Executive Assessment
  • The Neural-science Behind Executive Coaching
  • Coaching Dialogue and Difficult Conversations
  • Executive Coaching Models and Methodologies
  • Coaching Frameworks
  • Managing Difficult Clients
  • Introducing Executive Coaching to Ideal Clients
  • Developing the Executive Coaching Proposal
  • Pricing Your Executive Coaching
  • Executive Coaching Practice and Case- Studies


Using Assessments in Business and Executive Coaching 

4 Assessments 

Each participant will receive a link to complete the 4 Assessments before the program and will receive their assessments to review the evening of May 26

The 4 Assessment Model

  • Theories behind the Assessment Model
  • The Overview to Assessments



Leadership Skills/Competencies

Emotional and Social Intelligence

  • In-depth review and interpretation of each assessment
  • Dr Tracy's 10 Rules for using assessments
  • The Coaching Cycle- Model and Process
  • Practice assessment debriefs




Professional Fees

Members: $us3800.00  Non-Members $us4500.00

Includes first year membership with IBCI


Sao Paulo, Brazil    Fee $us2800.00

Contact info@ibciinstitute.com for registration

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