Being Your Own Brand of Inspiration

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Being Your Own Brand of Inspiration


It is January 2017, most of us if not everyone is energized and excited at the prospects of what a new year holds. Its about new year resolutions, new beginnings, adventure, possibilities and the better, bigger, grand ideas we can think of. This feeling or mindset usually only lasts up until end of January for most of us. University of Scranton (USA) research suggests that only 8% of people achieve their new year goals


In February the old ME is back in action doing what it does best!


It can be very disheartening to realize that we have given up on your goals halfway in the year and are left feeling disappointed. I have learned over the years that when we give up on our goals we are sending a message to ourselves that we are saying "NO" to progress. This was a painful realization for me as I pride myself as an individual who values progress.


How do we keep the fire burning in our hearts and minds amidst the storms that each season presents to us?. I have some suggestions based on my personal experience and others with whom I have journeyed:


2016 Reflections

When we look at new year resolutions it's important to acknowledge 2016 moments, lessons and achievements in life and in work with pride as it validates one's human experience in 2016. It ignites a "possibility" mindset. Our tendency is to be self-critical as opposed to reflective. Do the flip-side exercise. Review and record all the achievements and gifts of learning 2016 presented to you. Register as well, what made 2016 a success. For example take a quiet moment to visually recall what skills you deployed and what mindset you displayed 80% of the time. This data is useful intelligence in strategizing the way forward; past knowledge powers futures. A coach can be a powerful assistant in distilling your reflections and enhancing one's awareness.


Choose a theme word for 2017

Choose a theme word based on your goals or what you want to experience and do with the time you have 2017. For example, your theme word might be POSSIBILITIES because you want to pursue and be mindful  of every opportunity presented to you.

In the years that I have adopted this technique, I have gained immense power in sustaining my inner fire. It has motivated, encouraged and challenged me to action


Make your goals alive

Those 5 kilos of weight are not going drop by themselves, that dream job is not going to land on your desk and those critical work and life relationships are not going to improve in your head……

The old SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Results driven and Time bound) goals technique works and it continues to work year in and year out. Write your SMART plan, do the work, find inspiration and courage to believe in your goals. Above all take action -pay the price- reap the rewards!


Create memories of the future

I spent the last two weeks of December 2016 pondering on what 2017 means for me. I ended up writing about the gifts I received in 2016. I realized as I was writing my 2016 reflections, it was not just ticking off the list of achievements that made my 2016 successful, it was also the emotional moments that were created. The growth, expansion, challenge, joy; we all have our own personal list.

Define what you want to experience in 2017, it could be core desired feelings and emotions or simply asking yourself what do you want to experience in 2017 as you work fearlessly and relentlessly on your goals. Look for clues that will give your 2017 journey true intrinsic meaning, because when we achieve our goals, it's healthy, our bodies register the feelings associated with that moment as well.  Feed your mind with images of what you want to create for you, your work, your environment.


Get your “YOU” together

Self-Awareness is not over-rated and it is an exercise that allows you to be better at being YOU. Better yourself is a game where you will always be the ultimate winner. Getting your YOU together means being present, by owning your story and  being open to stretching yourself further to allow mind shifts to occur. Get to know what sets your body, heart, soul and mind on fire; your passion so that when you are in the dark you are able to pull yourself towards the light. Know the face of your inspiration


Choose habits and or behaviours that you want to develop

The behaviours and habits you deploy make your goals come alive. Choose behaviors and a mindset that allows your goals to flourish. We give up early on some or all of our goals. I believe the inspiration to continue comes from adopting behaviors/ skills that help you to show up as being resilient, courageous, positive, determined, focused, etc. Assess the skills you need to inspire your success, deploy them and if they already are present, develop them to become fully competent and capable.


Identify your support network

Work with your council of Advisors, the people you trust, respect and value for their opinion. They might take a shape or form of a mentor, colleague, parent, sibling, friend. They can be your accountability partners as you work on your goals. While you might have a number of Advisors, an investment in an experienced coach is incredibly valuable as an objective partner to assist in keeping your focus and action on achieving goal success.


Be your own Cheerleader

The role of cheerleaders in sport is to encourage both the players and the spectators. They are spirit raisers, they are the team behind the team, they create a good mood and they motivate the crowd.

Be that Cheerleader to  yourself to build that internal strength and endurance. And, it doesn't hurt to have a coach to cheer you on!


One of the reasons we give up early on our goals is the fear of the unknown and the illusion of comfort "as is". The downside of being in a comfort zone is that it lures you away from growth and progress. Lean into your discomfort. I have realized we can get stuck in creating "newness" in our lives/selves when at best a new year presents us with an opportunity to be better versions of ourselves through the work we do and who we become with the people with whom we connect. We must continue to expand ourselves in ways that helps us and the world be better. We must move from intent to action


It is about you striving to be better at being you and that is an inspiration on its own


I wish for our 2017 to be filled with adventure, growth, courage, and that we will continue to expand ourselves in ways that positively serve us and our world. I will move forward on my goals.

Let 2017 have you and all of YOU.


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