Coaching the Executive Client - 15 Principles to Promote Mature Learning

Monday, 19 de December de 2016 · IBCI

Coaching the Executive Client- 15 Principles  to Promote Mature Learning

  • Clients are and feel respected, accepted and valued
  • The coach maintains and enhances self-esteem and independence
  • Clients are permitted to make mistakes and to “not know”
  • The coach is supportive rather than judgmental
  • The client’s experience and knowledge is recognized and built upon
  • Clients are encouraged to challenge the coach
  • New learning begins by recognizing and building on what clients already know. Next, learning gaps, opportunities or new directions are identified
  • Clients establish their own learning goals; what they want to be able to achieve and do
  • Goals are allowed to emerge and be modified throughout the learning experience
  • Learning activities promote the client’s discovery of  personal meaning of ideas and actions.
  • Clients are given the opportunity to work with  "real life application" of the new learning they have generated
  • Clients have an opportunity to practice new behaviors in a safe, supportive environment
  • Clients are given time and practical tools to reflect and act on what they have learned and how to apply the learning
  • Clients evaluate their own learning outcomes, and requirements for further learning
  • Each coaching session is concluded with time reflections on what the client has achieved

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