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Redefining business success in a changing world:


Beyond International. Safety Coaching. Sustainable Safe production.


Last year we have created a new business, Beyond Coach International. Beyond Coach International was created based on a defined opportunity discovered in my involvement in the Health and Safety field at the global level. As an expert in Integrated Management Systems and Health and Safety design, I discovered a need for innovation.


Beyond (Marcel and his crew) offers Sustainable Safe Production. An innovative approach to Health and Safety that will change forever the way safety is done. Coaching for safety. This combined with Integrated Management System will change the safety game forever, in other words, the way safety is performed and its effect on any organization´s bottom line.


Last year we received a significant price for “Best Business Practices” from the hands of representatives of The Chamber Of Commerce in Lima and Cumbre de Exito in Lima.



We have signed a significant contract with a mid-tier mining company with operations in Peru and Mexico. This particular client had a less than desirable incident frequency rate and saw the opportunity of implementing Safety Coaching at their operations in Peru.


The success of the program was of such an impact that we recently signed an extension on the contract, working with their contractors as well. In less than 4 months we have reduced their incident and injury rate by 42% and improved their business process significantly as well, leading to negotiations for another extension.


Coaching at the Mine.


To guarantee our sustainable results we have trained a team of internal coaches and with them have developed an internal coaching process that should drive positive change and greater results for time to come.


The new internal coaches. To my right the Mine Unit Manager.

He also received executive coaching


Furthermore, we are now receiving interest from other companies from around the globe and have also seen other businesses follow suit on Safety Coaching, especially in the Latin American region where we operate.


For more information Safety Coaching, read the article on “Safety Coaching explained”.


Meanwhile, we have also blown new life in our other business, Strategic Imperative.


At Strategic Imperative we do the following coaching:

"One-on-One" Coaching Services, High Level Executives, members of the Board and leadership. We focus on specific areas where the leader needs to be more efficient, get to the core of the situation immediately and produce positive and immediate results. We specialize in Coaching for leaders in all its stages. We understand the elements that keep these leaders motivated and in constant learning. We detect and stimulate your specific skills to move quickly, round development areas and maximize staff performance.


We help People and Businesses Fulfil their Potential and move to their Next Level..  


We use Change Tools and Empirically Validated Interventions...for Building a Better Tomorrow


We provide people and businesses with the latest scientific coaching to change behaviors (what people do or say) that enhance productivity, creativity, greater resilience, well-being and help people move to their next level.


We apply Behavior-based (evidenced-based) coaching, a third wave psychological approach (looking forward and not backward) to achieve sustainable behavioral change in a short time frame.


The operating principles of behavior-based coaching ('behavior' derived from the term 'behavioral' sciences) go beyond the limiting but helpful theory of behaviorism or behavioral psychology and have been developed over recent years primarily from the field of evidence based psychology, neuroscience and brain-based learning. 


The Behavioral Coaching Institute (where Marcel studied his trade with Dr. Shayne as his mentor) is internationally recognized as the leader in building the next generation of behavioral change coaching models and diagnostic tools, and we are continuing to utilize this as building blocks to ensure quality coaching in all we do.


As of late we have been invited to Congress in the republic of Peru, to discuss potential coaching opportunities, from the presidential level, down to the mayors of mayor cities.

At one recent event we attended, we had the opportunity to meet the president of Peru, as well as the president of the Chamber of Commerce. We are awaiting an invite to meet with them to discuss further involvement of our business in the growth and change of their country. Lets’ pray it comes to pass.

We are in the process as well to finalize our first book.

On top of it all, we have entered in the realm of Motivational speaking.


Our latest speaking engagement were in Panama and Peru, where we have made an impact with a variety of topics. We have been invited to speak at various organizations, including Colombia and Costa Rica. We have also aligned ourselves with the Chamber of Commerce for Motivational speakers in Latin America.


In a fresh and entertaining style, we share ideas, strategies and principles that will inspire and equip participants to present themselves every day and make a positive difference in their homes and workplaces. At the heart of each message is a simple but powerful philosophy of life that drives every thought, every action and, finally, every result that we achieve on a personal and professional level. 


I have had the privilege of speaking at a wide variety of organizations and universities around the world. The success of the program is tremendous and we are starting to get noted around the globe.



Final words.

Never before has the art and science of coaching, i.e. facilitating change and transformation, in leadership, business and life, been more timely and compelling.

Let’s raise our games together.  


Lately we hear a lot about how technology is disrupting the coaching profession. With the emergence of just-in-time coaching apps that work like Uber-for-coaching, one might get the impression that the days of face-to-face, long term coaching engagements are well-nigh over. Yet on the flip side, we also see a huge rise in the investment organizations are making to scale coaching programs: training internal coaches, utilizing team coaching, and offering external coaches to a broad array of leaders —not just the C-suite.


We see more and more companies committed to fostering a "culture of coaching". This results in a huge increase in the number of internal coaches  and, so far, at least anecdotally, there doesn’t seem to be any lessening in the growth of the external coaching industry. Both are growing fast.  


So whether you are coaching from the inside — or outside, the bottom line: there is plenty of upside!  


We are champions and have a Champion Coaching Program.


Marcel van der Wal

Regional VP




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