Star4 Assessment Process = Powerful Results in Performance and Productivity

Wednesday, 14 de December de 2016 · Chile

Here are a few words about my experience with Spectrum Assessments and the Star4 Assessment Process

I have been working with the  Star4 assessment model for some time now, and the results have been extraordinary. Being an MBA without any specific knowledge in "people literacy", my initial efforts to become a consultant and coach were a disaster. As a High I, I spoke too much and left little space for my clients to tell their own story. I failed to communicate a way that was needed to have a good dialogue with them.

As I learned about my own motivators and the different behavioral styles, I understood that everyone brings value to the table and that there is no one better than the other, it is just that everyone has their own different way and we have to consider those differences and value them to achieve better relations and communications.

Now I use this model in my consulting business and more recently coaching with executives, where we go through the complete process of Behaviors, Motivators, Competencies and Emotional Intelligence assessments in order to provide them a better understanding of Who they are, What they do and How they are perceived by and impact other people. This battery of assessments provides my clients with a step to the next level of performance where they can use this information to improve their communication skills, people literacy and leadership. The Star4 process done over a period of several weeks engages the client more successfully and produces better results/actions for the client.

I highly recommend this process in order to enhance their lives, their leadership  and those who surround them.



Sergio Motles

Regional Vice President IBCI, Chile

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