Dr. Donald M. Carmont—Personal Profile

Dr. Don Carmont is a leadership and training and development specialist, executive coach and author who brings to a unique expertise in “people skills,” gained from forty years of leadership, teaching, training, writing and public speaking to hundreds of thousands of people in nearly thirty countries. His book, The Naked Mentor, examines 31 leadership principles, learned from a legacy of mentors in his life.

During his career, Don has served as CEO in organizations, built a successful financial services company, headed a multi-million dollar non-profit organization, and served as a consultant and director on numerous international boards. He has hosted daily radio programs, and weekly television

With an MA in management, and a Ph.D. in communications, Don has designed, developed and delivered training in NLP, leadership development and to several thousand seminar sessions on a wide variety of workplace topics worldwide.

In the past twenty years, more than 15,000 organizations have had employees in attendance at seminars that Don has conducted throughout Canada, the US, the UK and Asia. He has conducted both public and on-site programs through the some of the most respected seminar and training companies in the world including, The Canadian Management Centre of the American Management Association, CareerTrack, SkillPath and Fred Pryor Seminars.

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