Yiannis Koutsoumaris

Master Leadership Coach and Trusted Advisor with international experience who contracts in behavioral development and career advancement assignments for those who lead and govern. 

As a Regional VP of IBCI, Yiannis Koutsoumaris functions as a trusted coach/consultant to high potential coaches, who wish to develop their business and be distinguished as experts in the discipline of executive coaching and business coaching.

Yiannis brings the experience of  more than 3000hrs of leadership coaching in over five years of professional engagement, in countries such as Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Switzerland and Bulgaria.

4 Pillars

The four main pillars of experience, knowledge and skill Yiannis Koutsoumaris provides to those who trust IBCI for their professional development are as follows:

1. Top management positions in the corporate environment where he has worked in developing countries, new markets, products categories and over 2000 employees. Yiannis’ wide and varied business experience includes 20 years in senior roles and in major national and international projects that drove transformation into the organizations. “Sales & Operations Planning” – S.C.Johnson; “Changing to Last” – Barilla; “Unilever One” – Unilever; and “Transform to Win” – S.C.Johnson, have been some of the most successful and well known transformational projects in the global market.

2. As a professional executive coach and founder of a premium firm, the "inwards" ( In 2011 Yiannis founded inwards, an innovative two branch center which is recognized as a successful business in Europe. Over the years, Yiannis has achieved honor awards for outstanding performance in coaching and people he has coached, sit in top level chairs.

3. As a coach who coaches professional coaches and train top executives to develop their coaching competencies in internal coaching. He is considered an expert in bringing together an open and structured way of thinking to develop a high level of emotional intelligence that inspires clients to explore new, unprecedented and exciting destinations through the self-awareness and the activation of their authentic selves.

4. In matters of Leadership (Personal) Branding, he has been a personal advisor to esteemed leaders and professionals including CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, attorneys and high potential coaches.

Yiannis Koutsoumaris notes that every coaching business " is both coaching (practice) and business (in practice). Before growing the first we must have developed the second. He adds that the probability of a coach becoming a successful business professional is the capacity for the art of coaching along with the competence for business development".

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