Sunita Chhibar PCC (ICF) Leadership Coach

Coach Trainer and Mentor Coach at International Coach Academy


Sunita is a Leadership and Executive Coach with over 20 years, and more than 3000 hours of Leadership Development and Executive coaching experience. She has diversified experience of coaching C-Suite senior executives and global leaders. Her coaching proficiency unleashes their true potential and empowers the leaders towards performance enhancement and contributions to the P&L. Sunita is adept at facilitating required behavioral shifts, transformations and honing leadership capabilities. This enables the leaders to achieve high performance and highly engaged teams, leading to increased productivity, low attrition rate and increased profitability.
She understands the coaching demands of the present era of growing complexity, inter-dependence, and ever-increasing pace of change. Being a versatile coach her focus is to empower the executives to move confidently and committedly towards accomplishing their individual developmental goals along with the vision, purpose and mission of the organization. Sunita is adept at tailoring her coaching strategy according to the diverse needs of the coachees. 

• Certified Master Coach (CMC) Credentialed by Behavioural Coaching Institute (BCI) Oct, 2014
• Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credentialed by International Coach Federation (ICF) USA Oct, 2012
• Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Certified by ICA, Australia Sept, 2012
• Certified Behaviours Practitioner (CBP) USA 2015
• Certified Motivators Practitioner (CMP) USA 2015
• Certified Axiology Practitioner (CMP) USA 2015

“For me every human being is exceptional and every human life is unique.
I am just a facilitator- You are the architect - you design and create your dream life.” Sunita Chhibar

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