Mexico, Venezuela and Panama

Marcel van der Wal CMC OCC

Regional Vice President  Mexico, Venezuela and Panama

Managing Director at Strategic Imperative

At Strategic Imperative (SI), we partner with business leaders and their teams to improve leadership, performance, productivity and profitability through the efficient and effective use of human capital (people) assets..
We partner with courageous and forward-thinking companies that recognize their need to embrace opposites and bust paradigms at the intersection of profits, people and principles. Our operating philosophy is one of facilitation, aiding your leadership team in:

  • Diagnosing and defining the critical imperatives to change the status quo
  • Facilitating formulating strategic solutions
  • Building the internal capabilities for your organization to change the situation and effectively managing going forward so repeat problems don’t happen and old behaviors and practices don’t resurface.


Strategic Imperative (SI) melds consulting, coaching and development opportunities for organizations (large, small and anywhere in-between) that are interested in advancing productivity, driving performance, and creating connections.
Prepare to be challenged.


Dr. Shayne Tracy CMC OCC

“Strategic Oganization and Talent Management Specialist, Author and Master Executive Coach

Marcel is a results oriented person!. I have had the pleasure to work with Marcel in a number of situations. First as his facilitator as he worked on his Certified Master Coach program, second with Odyssey: The Business of Consulting Program and finally on a few consulting projects. Marcel is an intelligent, practical and no nonsense person with a big heart for people. He has that rare combination which generates results and success for others”

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