Licensing Program

Licensing of IBCI Coaching Schools

The International Business Coaching Institute (IBCI) will license IBCI Coaching Schools, providing its portfolio of Courses and Training, Program Models, Coaching Frameworks and EPC/DISC Assessment.

0 IBCI certifies coaches in the development and construction of a discipline and professional practice of Business and Executive Coaching, providing training, resources and accreditation to improve and develop professional skills, practice methodologies, behaviors, ethics and values and support coaches in the development of a successful and profitable coaching business, and aims to promote and strengthen Business and Executive Coaching in the World.

In this way, it licenses its training and form professional multipliers able to offer with excellence to the corporate world solutions that lead the economic growth and development of companies with solidity and focus on the best relationship with the Society.


IBCI Business and Executive Coaching Guidelines

  • Implement a new initiative, program and/or plan
  • Communication and presentation
  • Get commitment and greater alignment between members of the executive body.
  • Improve business relationships
  • Implement changes
  • Develop greater influence on the organization
  • Manage conflicts
  • Growth and succession of the organization
  • Improve leadership skills in current roles and new roles
  • Learn about new functions (e.g. marketing, HR, finance), where there is little experience.
  • The meaning of "Leadership"
  • Make a transition to a new position or to a new organization.
  • Work-life integration: stressors, health and well-being
  • Making better and more effective decisions
  • Develop clarity on organizational strategy and direction.
  • Achieving improvements in behavioral skills in response


IBCI Licensed Training


Training of skills to act as a professional in the area of human development and coaching.


Training of skills to act as a professional in the area of development of professionals, executives and leaders.


Training of skills to act as a professional in the area of business and business development.


Specialization in the development of leaders and executives focused on people management


Specialization in business development and team management for corporate service


Formation of competencies and knowledge of the DISC methodology and behavioral analysis applied in Human Resources



In order to give real opportunity to those who want to live from true Business Coaching, we are providing you with the ideal time to become a unit of an International Institute of Business Coaching in Brazil.

The coaching market has grown by 300% in recent years, but only a few can get results, this is due to the lack of a defined growth strategy, a designed commercial process and a results marketing, many make mistakes for thinking they have a great product and that's enough. They accumulate frustrations and risks to their business and career.

The International Business Coaching Institute adds up to an International Training Program aligned with the most current in the Universe of Corporate Coaching, with a structured support and marketing system that provides a secure business model for your growth as an IBCI Unit in its Region.

This program will provide you with:

  • Business validity strategy
  • Effective Marketing to generate results
  • Strong brand in the Market
  • Sales Process tested and validity in several countries
  • Process of delivery of content with monitoring
  • IBCI Exclusive Methodology
  • Access to the IBCI Portfolio within its category
  • Exclusivity of area of operation

And more...

All secrets for you to have a highly profitable business Exclusive Mentoring for defining your unit's strategies, Customer Management Tools, Advertising Materials developed por  professionals with over 20 years of experience, Digital Media Materials and Digital Marketing capabilities for lead capture, Direct Hotsite on ibci page





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